Santaan Prapti Sadhana

Joy of Having a Child :

For married couples who have been married for several years but are not blessed with a child yet, participating in the Santaan prapti Laddu Gopal Puja brings them the attainment of a child.

Protection from Enemies and Negativity

If this Puja is conducted with proper rituals and procedures, its auspicious effects protect individuals from enemies and the malefic effects of any negative energy.

Pooja Place : Gopal Mandir Ujjain , Jagannath Puri , Dwarka

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Santaan Prapti Laddu Gopal Sadhana​

Laddu Gopal , is known to grant various forms of happiness, wealth, and prosperity. For married couples who have been married for several years but are not blessed with a child yet, participating in the Santaan prapti Puja brings them the attainment of a child.

In the upcoming New Year 2024, to get blessed with the fortune of becoming parents and for the tranquillity of your aggressive nature, participate in the Santaan Prapti Puja. The powerful Santaan prapti Puja is said to bless couples who are struggling to conceive a child. As a result of this impactful puja, individuals are liberated from the influence of their enemies and negative powers. Those who experience intense anger or easily succumb to arrogance which leads to various problems, such people can find peace of mind and calmness by participating in this Puja. If you also desire to have a child and wish to find peace from your uncontrolled aggression, make sure to participate in the Santaan prapti sadhana


Complete Household Happiness

Worshiping and performing rituals for God Laddu Gopal leads to the attainment of good fortune and beauty, resulting in stability, happiness and perfection in the devotees’ household lives.

Joy of Having a Child

For married couples who have been married for several years but are not blessed with a child yet, participating in the laddu gopal Santaan prapti Puja brings them the attainment of a child.


Wealthy and Prosperous Life

Couple benefit from the worship of laddu gopal as it helps to overcome marriage-related issues and provides blessings for a successful marriage life.

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Anushthans is a trusted devotional brand where we perform every puja as per the Hindu shastras. Our experienced pandits of the temple will meticulously perform the Vedic rituals in your name and gotra and pray for your happiness and success. After the completion of the rituals, we will share all the puja updates to your Whatsapp number and a video of the puja will also be shared with you. Additionally, the prasad from the puja will be delivered to your home. 

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We would first suggest you to consult elders in your family to gather more information about your Gotra. If at all, no one in your family remembers the Gotra information, you can follow the guidance of the Shastras. As per the Shastras, if someone doesn’t know their Gotra they can consider their Gotra as Kashyap Gotra. So you can mention Kashyap Gotra in your Sankalpa

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We understands your concern, therefore once the puja is completed, we will send the puja video to your Whatsapp within 4 days, capturing the sacred moments of the ritual in your name and gotra. Additionally, the divine prasad from the puja will be carefully packaged and delivered right to your doorstep. This way, you will not only experience the divine energy of the puja through the personalised video but also receive the prasad, bringing the sanctity of the ritual directly to your home.

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