Rin Mukti Puja

Get Freedom from financial debts :

By performing Rin Mukti Puja, a person gets freedom from all kinds of financial problems and gets financial stability in life.

Financial Stability :

Seek stability and security in your financial situation. 

Pooja Place: Rinmukteshwar Mahadev, Mangal Nath Ujjain

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Till now 50,000+ Devotees Have participated in Pujas.

Rin Mukti Sarva Karya Siddhi Puja

Get rid of Business Loan, E.M.I and all debts, then participate in Rin Mukti Puja. This is a very beneficial Puja to get freedom from all debts, specifically performed in Ujjain’s ancient Rinmukteshwar Mahadev Temple & Mangal Nath. In this worship, yellow objects are offered to Mahadev. According to history, during the Satayuga period, King Harishchandra himself performed this ritual to pay off his debts. This devotion frees the person not just from financial responsibilities, but also from debts owed to former births, ancestors, gurus, and gods. Rin Mukti Puja is especially beneficial for getting rid of debt, hurdles in a love marriage, and faults in the birth chart, having it done promises a happy married life.


Freedom from financial debts

By performing Rin Mukti Puja, a person gets freedom from all kinds of financial problems and gets financial stability in life.

Obstacle Removal

Remove any obstacles and challenges that hinder financial growth.

Protection from Negative Forces

Through this Puja person gets blessings on the entire family of devotees, safeguarding them from any form of negative or malevolent forces.

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Why should I choose Anushthans for performing Puja?

Anushthans is the largest devotion technology company trusted by 50k Hindus worldwide. We offer multiple services such as Puja services and Astrology services. Anushthans provides the most trusted information regarding Hindu shastras and festivals of Hindu Dharma. All our pujas are conducted by experienced pandit ji’s at important pilgrim locations of India such as Haridwar, Varanasi, Kamakhya-Guwahati, Kolhapur-Mahalakshmi etc. Our experienced pandit ji’s follow the right process as per the Shastras and also do your pujas with your name and gotra with the right ‘Bhava’ or emotion. The puja updates are always sent to your Whatsapp number and a recorded video is also shared with you. Additionally, prasad from the puja is delivered to your home. 

How will I know the Puja has been done in my name?

Anushthans is a trusted devotional brand where we perform every puja as per the Hindu shastras. Our experienced pandits of the temple will meticulously perform the Vedic rituals in your name and gotra and pray for your happiness and success. After the completion of the rituals, we will share all the puja updates to your Whatsapp number and a video of the puja will also be shared with you. Additionally, the prasad from the puja will be delivered to your home. 

I don’t know my Gotra, what should I do?

We would first suggest you to consult elders in your family to gather more information about your Gotra. If at all, no one in your family remembers the Gotra information, you can follow the guidance of the Shastras. As per the Shastras, if someone doesn’t know their Gotra they can consider their Gotra as Kashyap Gotra. So you can mention Kashyap Gotra in your Sankalpa

What will I get after the Puja is done?

We understands your concern, therefore once the puja is completed, we will send the puja video to your Whatsapp within 4 days, capturing the sacred moments of the ritual in your name and gotra. Additionally, the divine prasad from the puja will be carefully packaged and delivered right to your doorstep. This way, you will not only experience the divine energy of the puja through the personalised video but also receive the prasad, bringing the sanctity of the ritual directly to your home.

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Anushthans always keeps in mind that even if you are unable to visit the pilgrimages, your devotion and faith will always reach there through us. And to make this happen, we are always available to you. If you require any information or support, please contact us

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