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30 minutes, Ask anything, Get solutions to all your life problems in just ₹4,500/- Your consultation call will be scheduled after payment. 

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Over 200,000 clients have found problems – solutions with the help of Gold Medalist Astrologer Dr Dinesh. Let us help you too. Reach out today 

Love & Relationship

Looking for the best love horoscope compatibility with your partner? While relationship issues may arise, accurate horoscope matching & predictions can provide insights for a successful.


For centuries in India, the practice of Kundli Milan for marriage is very important. Talk to Astrologer Dinesh ji for horoscope matching of couples. Get Gun Milan, Mangal Dosha, & compatibility analysis.


Many students get confused and want to know what to do after exams, about jobs, and the future. Talk to astrologer Dinesh ji who can assist you in making the right career choices by analyzing your birth chart .


When you’re starting a business or facing big choices, it’s like being on a see-saw, balancing between success and failure. To boost your chances of business success, getting accurate insights from astrology is important.


Vedic astrology predictions, can forecast health issues or injuries before they appear in your body. This foresight arises from your kundli’s impact on various life aspects, guided by celestial houses.


The ancient Indian Vedic astrology Dinesh ji examines the horoscopes of both partners, especially for those interested in knowing about having children and even predicting the child’s name.

Advantage Of Taking Astro Consultation

  • Talk one-to-one with Dinesh Ji
  • Solutions to all your life problems including marriage, love, education, career, and everything.
  • Guidance on your spiritual journey as to what poojas and deities will be auspicious for you.
  • A thorough astrological analysis of your life problems.
  • An understanding of where you have gone wrong and how to do it right.

Over 2 lacs Happy Clients

Happy Client Testimonials

I have consulted with several astrologers in the past, but Dr Dinesh Kumar stands out for his accuracy and profound insights. His predictions have been spot on, and his remedies have had a significant positive impact on my life.

Rajesh Verma

Rajesh Verma

Bank Manger

Main Dinesh ji ke upayon se apni swasthya aur khushi ko banaaye rakhti hoon. Unka jyotish gyaan mere jeevan mein atyadhik mahatvapurna hai.

Reena Singh

Reena Singh

House Wife

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we book our consultation call?

You will receive a link that allows you to access Astro Dinesh kumar schedule and choose from the available time slot when he is available. From there, you can choose a suitable time to book your call. Additionally, a confirmation email will be sent to provide you with the call details.

Does the payment need to be made before having the call?

Certainly, you’ll need to complete the payment through online banking in advance, and once that’s done, we’ll proceed to schedule your call with Astro Dinesh ji.

Who is the best astrologer in India?

Owing to the experience and expertise in the field of astrology, Vastu, and gemstone, Astro Dinesh kumar is considered as one of the best astrologers in India. He has also been featured as among the top 5 astrologers in India

Should we follow astrology in every stage of life?

Astrology can provide valuable guidance and insight into various aspects of life, but it should not be relied upon as the sole source of guidance. It is important to approach astrology with a critical eye and not take everything at face value.

Questions you can ask an astrologer

With the help of one of the best astrologers in India, you can get answers to most of your questions regarding personality, career, marriage. Here are a few things you can ask:

– What can you tell me about my personality based on my zodiac sign?
– Can you give me a forecast for my career in the next few years based on my birth chart?
– How can I improve my relationships with others based on my astrological chart?
– Can you give me insight into my health based on my astrological chart?
– Which is the best gemstone for me based on my zodiac sign?

How can I choose the best astrologer?

To choose the best astrologer, you should consider some factors like the experience of the astrologer, their clients, their areas of expertise, and their results.

Who is the astrologer of celebrities?

Although there are many astrologers who help celebrities, Astro Dr Dinesh kumar has guided numerous B-town celebrities and has given them effective solutions to their problems.

Does this website keep my personal information confidential?

Yes! Absolutely. Your information will be kept safe and confidential with Astro Dinesh kumar. It will not be shared with anyone and will only be used for you.

What questions will the astrologer ask you before reading your birth chart?

Before predicting anything, every expert astrologer in India will need to know a few things like your birth date, time of birth, and place of birth.

How to contact Astro Dinesh Kumar

You can contact Astro Dinesh Kumar Via website contact Page